Before you check out for the weekend, here are a few of our editors' favorite stories from this past week: 

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Seattle Office Reinvigorates a Superfund Site 
When the U.S. General Services Administration set out to replace a World War II-era building with a new federal office, it targeted ambitious green standards as a way to create a model for reclaiming the site’s toxic ecology.  

Could Energy-Related Mortgage Innovations Come Within a Year? 
Three recent studies address energy efficiency and home ownership bode well for significant changes to the way buyers finance home purchases. 

Active House Interior Design Driven by Healthy Product Selections 
Interior finishes are a major contributing factor to the superior indoor air quality, comfort, and durability of the ultra-efficient home under construction near St. Louis. 

Microbial Facades Are a Growing Trend 
Once a nemesis of buildings, mold, along with other organic life, is becoming a welcomed architectural feature.

Vote Now for 'ARCHITECT Live' Co-Host
Cast your vote for the person who will join Stephen Chung as co-host of the live floor show at the 2013 AIA National Convention.