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Is incandescent lighting on its way out?

With so many recent proclamations to "Ban the Bulb," politicians and manufacturers seem to have made a cut and dry case against incandescent sources. But is there a legitimate complaint? Are compact fluorescent lamps the solution, as this "Ban" would advocate? Or is it a far more complex issue with numerous factors that go well beyond the simple incandescent lamp itself, which has served us for the last 125-plus years? Jeff Miller, President-elect of the International Association of Lighting Designers, starts the conversation this month. Read more

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Residential Lighting

Lighting for the home can be one of the most exciting projects for a lighting designer. From ambient to decorative, residential lighting has to cover many environments, moods and tasks. As the average home is increasing in size, there is an ever-increasing demand by utilities, states and other organizations for more energy-efficient residential lighting. However, focusing on the technology is only half the issue; there are many design techniques for the home that will help utilize light more efficiently and effectively. Read more

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LEED: What Does It Mean for Lighting?

One of the primary goals in establishing the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system was to transform the building construction market by creating a common standard of measurement for green buildings. Read more

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