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Green Building Trends

Jonathan Katar of Sage Builders in Newton, Mass., agrees that now is the time for reform, whether required by law or not. But he thinks the emphasis should be on the building science of green remodeling--for example, insulation, on-demand heating and cooling systems, and water-saving plumbing. The materials of green building--such as using low-VOC paint and FSC-certified lumber--should be secondary. Read more

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Healthy Air

At Neil Kelly Construction, green remodeling starts with designers planning sustainable, green spaces. Then, once it begins a project, the company opts to use green materials--for example, FSC-certified wood, low-VOC paints, and formaldehyde-free cabinets, which they manufacture themselves. Read more

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Recycling opportunities for construction materials Recycling opportunities for construction materials

The worthy goal of diverting construction materials from the landfill is fraught with obstacles, but recycling opportunities are growing. Read more

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Green Building: Getting buy-in from field employees

It's one thing to sell green remodeling to clients, and quite another to get buy-in from field employees. Read more

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Selling efficient, sustainable projects to customers.

Once you've challenged yourself to be the greenest remodeler you can be, the next challenge is: How do you sell efficient, sustainable projects to customers? To remodelers making a foray into this niche, we advise leaving the green-wash mentality at the door. Read more

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