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Study Reveals How Consumers Obtain Green Product Information

Study finds consumers rely most on news articles, word-of-mouth for green product information. Read more

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EPA Issues New Lead Paint Rules

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued new work practice standards for remodelers of older homes in an effort to reduce lead paint exposure, particularly among children. Set to take effect in April 2010, the new standards will extend to builders, painters, plumbers, and electricians working in all rental housing built before 1978, as well as in older non-rental homes inhabited by children under age six or pregnant women. The standards will apply to any renovation, repair, or painting contract involving the disturbance of more than 6 square feet of lead paint in an interior room or 20 square feet of lead paint on an exterior wall. Read more

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Solar Community

Southern Nevada has an abundance of sun, and Concordia Homes is looking to soak it up. Last week, the Henderson, Nev.-based builder unveiled three model homes in Sommerset, a 48-home development that is poised to become the first solar-powered residential community in the state. It will also stand as the first GE ecomagination community in the nation. Read more

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Little Houses That Could Little Houses That Could

Utter the word “custom” and visions of sprawling floor plans, lavish finishes, and top-of-the-line everything often come to mind. You know—those palatial playgrounds of the rich and famous that make for good television, and make average homeowners feel inadequate. Read more

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Shear Energy

With a name like Eco Lofts, developer Alex Perkins isn't downplaying the sustainable side of his latest infill venture, a 60-unit condo building in Atlanta's historic Chamblee neighborhood. Slated for completion in spring 2007, the concrete building qualifies as EarthCraft (a local green building program, similar to LEED for homes) and stands adjacent to a rapid transit line. Oh, and it's powered by 100 percent clean, renewable wind energy. Read more

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