Mark LaLiberte

Through his lectures, site assistance, video series, and a mobile app, Mark LaLiberte provides builders, architects, and manufacturers with an in-depth look at the current and future state of housing. His work has earned him a Lifetime Achievement Award from EEBA where he developed the highly acclaimed Houses that Work lecture series. LaLiberte works with manufacturers to assist in developing products and services for the next phase of efficient homes, and is the co-creator of Construction Instruction Inc., which developed the No. 1 mobile App in the construction industry. He is also a partner in the Millau Group, lending his expertise to sales and marketing efforts for the building industry.

Mark LaLiberte's Posts

Vision 2020: Where We Go From HereVision 2020: Where We Go From Here

Our future depends on education, training, and wide-spread commitment. Read more

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Optimizing Foam InsulationOptimizing Foam Insulation

Developing the proper spray foam insulation strategy can improve the performance of your homes. Read more

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Tips for Right-Sizing Your HVAC SystemsTips for Right-Sizing Your HVAC Systems

Maximizing performance with five steps -- design through testing. Read more

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Building Science: Advanced RainscreensBuilding Science: Advanced Rainscreens

New research, code requirements, and material assemblies are driving strategic changes rainscreens. Read more

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Building Science: 5 Criteria for Evaluating and Comparing Air FiltersBuilding Science: 5 Criteria for Evaluating and Comparing Air Filters

Gaseous pollutants and particulate matter create an invisible pollutant soup in homes. The type of air filters you provide can have a lasting impact on indoor air quality. Read more

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