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What Does Sequestration Mean for Home Building?

As the government cuts begin to take hold, builders are trying to gauge what the impact will be on housing's rebound. Read more

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Survey: Homeowners Prefer Appearance Over Energy Efficiency

A recent survey shows that we’re a nation of backsliders when it comes to making energy-efficient improvements to our homes. Read more

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Green Building's Five Deadly Sins Green Building's Five Deadly Sins

In a heartbeat, Tom Hoyt, co-founder of McStain Neighborhoods, recalls a striking example of how painful and costly missteps in building green homes at a high volume can be. Read more

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Columbia Forest Products Sells Formaldehyde-Free Plywood to Competitors

Columbia Forest Products begins to sell the product to its competitors who make wood composite panels. Read more

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Supply Side: A Window into Walls and Wires Supply Side: A Window into Walls and Wires

The GE Dashboard in ICI Homes' Emerald model looks anything but special. Hanging on the wall just off the kitchen–with a screen about the size of a portable DVD player–it looks more like a fancy thermostat than a rare amenity. Read more

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