Tom Lent

Lent has 35 years of experience in environmental analysis primarily focused on healthy and resource-efficient building technologies and the health, environmental, and social impact of buildings, materials, and energy. He helped coordinate development of the Healthy Building Network’s Pharos Project, the Health Product Declaration, the Green Guidelines for Health Care (GGHC), LEED for Healthcare, and the Sustainable Bioplastic Guidelines and sits on a variety of other standard-setting committees for indoor air quality, green chemistry, and healthy building design. Lent has co-authored a wide range of studies of the comparative health and environmental impact of building materials and speaks nationally on these topics. Lent has been honored with the EPA's Region IX Environmental Award for Outstanding Achievement and the U.S. Green Building Council National Leadership in Advocacy Award for his work transforming the building materials market.

Tom Lent's Posts

Vision 2020: Transparency is Just the Beginning Vision 2020: Transparency is Just the Beginning

Advances in green chemistry and the relationship between design professionals and building product manufacturers will revolutionize the way we think about products and materials. Read more

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Evaluating Toxicants in Product Selection Evaluating Toxicants in Product Selection

Do you know what's in the products you're specifying? In the fifth webinar of our Vision 2020 series, we look at what's driving the growing call for material transparency and how it may influence your design processes. Read more

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VIDEO: Transparency is Just the Beginning of a Sea Change VIDEO: Transparency is Just the Beginning of a Sea Change

Tom Lent, policy director for the Healthy Building Network, explores how the growing push for transparency will change our entire way of building homes. Read more

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What's in Your Product? What's in Your Product?

Profound changes are coming to the way the building industry discusses and specifies products, and communication and transparency are key drivers. Read more

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Making Safe Products Second Nature Making Safe Products Second Naturedycfftxqtbycyerfv

Tom Lent, Vision 2020 chair and policy director of the Healthy Building Network, helped to spark a growing interest in materials and health. Read more

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