The first LEED Platinum building in the state of New Mexico, the Cognitive Behavioral Institute of Albuquerque’s headquarters is a $2 million, 6,914-square-foot office building for a group of psychologists and psychotherapists specializing in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. Designed by Environmental Dynamics Inc. (EDI) and constructed by Isis Development Corp. (ISIS), the project includes a reception area, eight offices, a conference room, library/resource center, exercise room shower and changing facilities, and a break room.

The building’s reduced energy use and LEED certification allows it to qualify for the New Mexico Sustainable Building Tax Credit. Among the sustainable attributes are:

- A solar photovoltaic system above the roof clerestories and bi-facial solar panels. The system is designed to meet the electrical needs of the office throughout the year, with supplement power required during July and August. In addition, the bi-facial solar panels provide shade for an adjacent parking structure.

- A variable air volume (VAV) mechanical system that utilizes the outdoor air temperature to mitigate heating and cooling loads while bringing in fresh air through an advanced filtration system.

- Skylights and clerestory windows coupled with high-efficiency light fixtures to increase natural daylight and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

- Landscaping requiring no to low water.

- Water-efficient plumbing fixtures estimated to create a 40 percent potable water savings.

- No- to low-VOC and urea formaldehyde-free interior finishes, as well as interior finishes with a high recycled content. Much of the wood used for the project is FSC certified.

- Pervious paving in the parking lot and patios.