The Josey Pavilion is a multi-functional education and meeting center that supports the mission of the Dixon Water Foundation to promote healthy watersheds through sustainable land management. Traditionally livestock has caused more harm than good by overgrazing and not allowing our native prairies to play their important role in habitat and watershed protection, and carbon sequestration. As a certified Living Building, the Josey Pavilion facilitates a deeper understanding of how grazing livestock as well as the built environment can work to do more good than harm.

Photo Credit Casey Dunn
Photo Credit Casey Dunn

The Dixon Water Foundation Josey Pavilion

Architect(s): Lake|Flato Architects
Project Type: Education – General
Project Category: New Construction
Project Site: Previously Undeveloped Land
Completion Date: 1/1/2014
Project Cost: $1.8 million
Project Size: 5,400 sq. ft.
Location: Decatur, Texas



This is the perfect example of design excellence and sustainability working hand-in-hand. Elegant bioclimatic response to program and site. The vernacular forms fit the site and are appropriate to the Foundation’s mission of sustainable agriculture. We loved that the design allowed much of the program to function without conditioned interior space. Who needs walls? The architects thought outside of the box. The jury particularly appreciated the clarity of thought, the elegance of the parti, reinforced by a simple palette of locally sourced, low-carbon materials. Beautifully detailed.

Photo Credit Casey Dunn
Photo Credit Casey Dunn


  • Estimated percent of occupants using public transit, cycling or walking: 0%
  • Daylighting at levels that allow lights to be off during daylight hours: 100%
  • Lighting Power Density: 0.19 watts/sf
  • Views to the Outdoors: 100%
  • Percent reduction of regulated potable water: 100%
  • Total EUI actual (kBtu/sf/yr): 2
  • Net EUI actual (kBtu/sf/yr): -1
  • Percent reduction from National Median EUI for Building Type (actual): 150%

Photo Credit Casey Dunn
Photo Credit Casey Dunn
Photo Credit Casey Dunn
Photo Credit Casey Dunn
Photo Credit Casey Dunn
Photo Credit Casey Dunn
Photo Credit Dror Baldinger
Dror Baldinger, AIA Photo Credit Dror Baldinger