In 2012, the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) and the Appraisal Institute released a primer for practicing appraisers on how to better recognize energy costs and performance in real estate valuation. Well, now they're out to help commercial real estate owners and developers get caught up to speed, too. The two organizations have released "Green Building and Property Value," a primer on how owners can work more closely with appraisers to better include green and energy-efficient attributes in traditional appraisals. The heart of the matter? John Miller at IMT explains "that today's buildings are different--designed, marketed, and built ot new standards--and that in response, building owners must also recalibrate their approach to traditional financial and due-diligence instruments." After all, he writes, "there's money on the line" and without re-educating themselves, owners and developers will pay for green features but miss out on all the rewards. Read More