Are rising temperatures affecting our mental well being? For Canadian Inuit communities, the answer is yes, according to studies being conducted by researchers at Canada's Cape Breton University. The findings affect larger global populations, as the researchers assert that human identity is "inexctricably tied to the natural world," reports, and that as the climate changes, "very few people are going to be untouched."

As an example, the article's author, Geoff Dembicki, notes that mental "anguish," in the form of depression, frustration, sadness, and extreme stress, has been seen on the other side of the world from the Inuit communities, in Upper Hunter regions of eastern Australia, where droughts are common. The term for this affliction, it appears, is "solastalgia," described as "the homesickness you have when you are still at home." Will this continue to spread across the globe as the climate changes? Read More