Other stories by Blaine Brownell

  • Light as Sculpture in Asif Khan's Parhelia Pavilion

    Asif Khan's pavilion for Art Basel, commissioned by Swarovski and using 1.5 million crystals, captures the light phenomenon parhelia, but disappoints architecturally.

  • New Self-Healing Plastic Also Conducts Electricity

    If you've ever dinged your smartphone or laptop, then you might be interested in self-repairing plastic that behaves more like human skin, developed by scientists at Stanford University.

  • United Arab Emirates Proposal Taller than the Great Pyramid

    The Great Pyramid of Gaza may soon be replaced in height by a sculpture of 410,000 oil barrels: a tribute to Islamic architecture or a tribute to our dependence on oil?

  • A Zero-Energy Seismic Sensor

    Student Daniel Tomicek has developed a sensor that uses the kinetic energy created by an earthquake to monitor and report damage to buildings and infrastructure without needing electrical energy, Blaine Brownell reports.

  • Flowers Harvest Metal While Cleaning the Earth

    Flowers not only make everything look better, they may now also purify toxic earth, Blaine Brownell reports, thanks to processes being developed at the University of Warwick.

  • MVRDV's Book Tower to the Sky

    Despite, or maybe because of, the rise of the e-book, libraries are reinventing themselves. MVRDV's new library in Spijkenisse, Netherlands, organizes a literal mountain of books in a glass enclosure.