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  • Smart Daylighting Strategies Keep Homes Bright and Energy Efficient

    Basement living spaces need all the sunlight they can get. So when Washington design/build contractor Chris Landis' clients asked for an outdoor deck that wouldn't block light into the window wells of their downstairs family room, he came up with a novel solution: a deck with a translucent floor...

  • Translucent illumaWALL From Duo-Gard

    Translucent illumaWALL is made of polycarbonate or resin art panels that transmit diffused natural light. At night, integral LEDs can be programmed to change colors. The double-glazed walls filled with Nanogel Aerogel (optional) achieve R-10 with high light transmission. 800.872.4404.

  • Ventilation Add-On Kit From Solatube

    The ventilation add-on kit for the company’s daylighting systems can be used in moist areas like baths and laundry rooms. The fan, which turns on with a switch, attaches seamlessly to the 160 Daylighting System, which illuminates up to 200 square feet, or the 290 DS, which lights 300 square feet...

  • Low-Impact Living in Texas Hill Country

    Drawing energy from the sun and water from the rain, the "Tonalacalli" LEED-Platinum custom home in Austin lives in harmony with nature.

  • San Francisco Remodel Transformed by Daylighting, Energy-Efficient Upgrades

    Sustainable, stylish upgrades transform 19th-century classic.

  • LED Lights and Countertops by Cree, Squawk Mountain Stone, and Jamo

    Navarro used compact fluorescent recessed lights throughout the living area but speced longer-lasting LED bulbs for the taller ceiling, where they are harder to replace. The Cree LED lights—LLF LR6 12-watt can inserts in standard insulation-contact (IC) cans—have a 25-year life span and produce...

  • Nylon Carpet Squares by Shaw

    Floors in the two bedrooms are covered in Shaw nylon carpet squares made from 27% post-industrial recycled content. The 2-foot modules, which carry the Green Label Plus certification from the Carpet & Rug Institute, are easy to replace and can be returned to the company for recycling at the end of...

  • SIPs and Exterior Cladding by USA SIPs and VaproShield

    The 5 5/8-inch SIPs that make up the walls have an R-factor of 26 at 25 degrees F, according to USA SIPs. Between the SIPs and the cedar and Corten steel cladding materials is a rainscreen system from VaproShield of two breathable, waterproof membranes and brackets that hold the exterior materials...

  • Blown-In Cellulose Insulation by Fiberlite

    The twin houses share a wall filled with Fiberlite blown-in cellulose. The 80%-plus recycled-newsprint cellulose makes an excellent sound barrier and also insulates the ceiling cavity under the green roof. 800.641.4296.

  • GreenShield Layered Roof System by The Garland Company

    A ship’s ladder leads to the deck and buffalo-grass roof, where Navarro installed the Garland GreenShield layered roof system. At its base is a multi-ply, modified bitumen waterproofing membrane. Specially engineered layers on top prevent roots from penetrating the membrane, draw moisture away from...