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  • Versa-Stud Laminated Veneer Lumber by Boise Engineered Wood Products`

    Versa-Stud laminated veneer lumber is designed for tall walls and other applications calling for strong, straight framing materials. Constructed of 1/6-, 1/8-, or 1/10-inch-thick veneers, the product uses nearly the entire timber log, compared with about 60% used in traditional framing lumber, the...

  • GreenT Hardwood Plywood Panels by Timber Products Co.

    GreenT hardwood plywood panels contain no-added-urea formaldehyde and are available with several core options, including a veneer core, particleboard core, and MDF core made with 100% post-industrial recycled wood fiber. The line comes in more than 35 melamine and roll laminated wood-grains and...

  • Hand-Scraped Hickory Flooring by EcoTimber

    Hand-Scraped hickory flooring comes in engineered multi-ply, kiln-dried, tongue-and-groove planks with beveled edges. Planks are ½ inch thick with a 5-inch face width in random lengths between 12 inches and 42 inches. The product can be used over radiant heat systems. A satin-sheen aluminum...

  • Certified Lumber Bodies Battle For Identity, Recognition

    Lumber certification groups battle for identity and brand recognition.

  • LEED-ND Provides New Options for Multifamily Developers

    It's all about context. The greenest residence in the world doesn't mean much when the owner commutes 50 miles a day in an SUV—or even a hybrid—for work or play.

  • Las Vegas Seeks LEED Certification

    Green building arrived in Las Vegas last May with an explosion of the first order.

  • Codding Builds Mixed-use Development

    Codding Enterprises of Rohnert Park, Calif., is getting back into residential development in a big way. The shopping center-centric company, which boasts turn-of-the-century home builder roots, is manning a 10-year build-out of Sonoma Mountain Village, a $1 billion multiuse project to include 1,900...

  • Dishwashers combine energy efficiency, water conservation, and premium cleaning

    With a range of options for Energy Star–rated appliances, recycled content, and low-VOC finishes, the kitchen is one of the easiest places to go green. And you can bet it’s the most noticeable. One place to start is with one of the most visible energy hogs in the room: Cycle by cycle, the...