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  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Echo

    Team Ontario proposes a future in which net-zero homes are the new norm, andresidences mimic its Echo home.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: DesertSol

    Team UNLV's DesertSol house responds to the Mojave Desert climate by capitalizing on solar energy and responsible water use.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Delta T-90

    Norwich University faces the challenge of extreme seasonal weather variations in New England by presenting its Delta T-90 house, which aims to provide a low-cost, modular home that responds to these conditions.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: DALE

    Team SCI-Arc/Caltech's bifurcated house on rails slides together and apart to provide a variety of living and environmental conditions.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Chameleon House

    Missouri S&T Solar House Team allows for adaptability in spatial configuration and environment, through automated systems, in its Chameleon House.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Canopy House

    Team Tidewater Virginia's Canopy House combines passive ventilation strategies with accessible features that promote sustainable living spaces for all people.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Borealis

    Team Alberta focuses on providing comfortable and efficient housing for remote working populations.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: AIR House

    CTU Team's AIR House focuses on having a minimal environmental impact over its whole life cycle, from construction to eventual demolition.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: ADAPT

    Team Texas gives a net-zero energy home a desert feel with local materials and El Paso aesthetics.