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  • KB Home’s West L.A. Condominiums Certified to LEED-Platinum

    Located in the walkable Playa Vista neighborhood, the 52-unit Primera Terra building includes energy- and water-efficient products and indoor-air-quality-boosting features.

  • Ventilation Fan With Temperature and Humidity Sensor From Panasonic

    Panasonic. The WhisperControl humidity and temperature sensor anticipates condensation and automatically turns on the Panasonic ventilation fan. Unlike traditional sensors, which turn fans on in response to a rapid rise in humid air and therefore could cause them to switch on unnecessarily in...

  • IBACOS-Led Lab Home Tests Approaches for Market-Rate Net-Zero Production Housing

    Pittsburgh demonstration project will test multiple systems and building techniques to determine the most effective, affordable options production builders can replicate.

  • Dye-Free Wool Carpet From Natures Carpet

    Natures Carpet. Part of the Dark Green line, Everest carpeting is made with wool and features no dyes or added chemicals, including insect resistance. The carpet has jute primary and secondary backings and uses a natural rubber latex adhesive. It is Green Label Plus approved. 800.667.5001...

  • Product Review: Low-Flow Bath Fixtures

    With the advent of WaterSense certification—and manufacturers’ overwhelming response to it, there’s simply no excuse not to specify water-efficient toilets, showerheads, and faucets.

  • Pardee Unveils Community of National Green Building Standard-Certified Homes

    Set to achieve Gold-level status, LivingSmart Homes at Fair Oaks Ranch will include standard solar along with a range of energy-, water-, and resource-efficient products and details.

  • Compact Induction Cooktop From Summit Appliances

    Summit Appliance. Designed for space-challenged kitchens, the SINC424220 220-volt 24-inch-wide induction cooktop fits into a 23-inch-by-20-inch cutout. The appliance offers four burners, 10 power settings, and a Schott Ceran easy-to-clean surface. Like other induction cooktops, the unit’s...

  • Low Flow Showerhead From Niagara Conservation

    Niagara Conservation. Sava showerheads come with flow rates of 1.5 or 1.75 gpm but feature an oversized 4.4-inch diameter spray head and a pressure-compensating device to ensure optimal performance regardless of the home’s water pressure or psi. The showerheads feature a corrosion-resistant ABS...

  • Fly Ash-Content Bricks From CalStar

    CalStar. Made with fly ash, water, and sand and manufactured with a vibro-compaction process and cured for less time and at a lower temperature, CalStar bricks generate 85% less CO2 and use 85% less energy in production than traditional fired clay, the company says. The bricks incorporate 40%...

  • Vinyl Siding From Tapco

    Tapco. Foundry vinyl cedar shake siding features a rough-sawn look and staggered butt ends and varied widths for a cedar appearance. It comes in 7- and 10-inch exposures and is available with Fullback, a foam backer that adds a 3.96 R-value. The company participates in EcoScorecard, which allows...