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  • Southern Nevada Combats Water Waste

    The Water Smart Home program certifies both new homes and neighborhoods.

  • Talking WaterSense

    Jonah Schein explains how WaterSense is helping the industry march toward a more water-efficient future.

  • Ingredient Label for Building Materials

    Declare is a new labeling platform for materials transparency that encourages communication among project teams.

  • The Energy and Water Connection

    The two resources need to be considered as joint issues in future sustainable efforts.

  • Why You Need the Red List

    The Red List provides a quantifiable metric for sustainable materials, but also fosters communication that is critical for meeting future targets.

  • Market View: C.R. Herro of Meritage Homes

    As vice president of energy efficiency and sustainability at Top 10 production home builder Meritage Homes, Herro has led his company’s mission to bring high-performance homes into the marketplace, and sell them.

  • Message To The Market

    As vice president for Residential Market Development for the USGBC’s LEED for Homes program, Nate Kredich has a unique perspective on the path toward market transformation for high-performance homes.

  • WaterSense Specification for Irrigation Products

    EPA has released specifications for weather-based irrigation controls to carry the WaterSense label.

  • Report: Community- and Site-based Wastewater Treatment

    New research shows the environmental benefits of on-site wastewater treatment systems.

  • Green Chemistry

    Even though you may be specifying energy-efficient polystyrene, polyisocyanurate, and polyurethane insulation for your builds, flammability codes still require the use of flame retardant (FR) chemicals.