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  • Best New Book On Water Resources

    See why Mary Ann Dickinson, of the Alliance For Water Efficiency and Vision 2020 chair, carries this book everywhere.

  • New Online Tool

    Check out the Alliance for Water Efficiency’s new online information resource and water use calculator.

  • CEE Tier 1 Dishwasher

    The G2872 is classified as a CEE Tier 1 dishwasher, exceeding current Energy Star standards.

  • W6884ECO Washing Machine

    In addition to having a Water Factor of only 3.3, the W6884ECO washing machine saves energy by having two water inlet connections: one for hot water and one for cold.

  • Maxima Washing Machine From Maytag

    With a Water Factor of 2.7, the Maxima washing machine uses as little as 11.5 gallons of water, qualifying it for both Energy Star and CEE Tier 3 labels. The washing machine features front-load technology, which tumbles clothes through a small amount of water instead of rubbing them against an...

  • Energy Star Gas Water Heater From Kenmore

    Kenmore. The Elite Energy Star gas water heater achieves a 0.70 EF rating thanks to a patented air intake system. Much like a turbo charger, air is pushed into the combustion chamber and creates a pressurized environment. As a result of the pressurization, tighter baffling can be incorporated into...

  • Product Review: Water-Efficient Washers and Dishwashers

    Today’s dishwashers and washing machines are working hard to save both water and energy without compromising performance.

  • Energy Star Water Heater With Vacation Setting From GE

    GE. With an Energy Factor of 2.3, the GeoSpring heat-pump water heater exceeds current Energy Star requirements and consumes 62% less energy than standard electric water heaters, the maker says. The unit features a backlit LCD display that allows homeowners to choose from four different modes to...

  • Hybrid Gas Water Heater From A.O. Smith

    A.O. Smith. The Next Hybrid gas water heater combines tank and tankless water heating technologies to operate at 90% thermal efficiency. The unit performs like a tankless model, but a small buffer tank allows it to overcome some of the negative attributes normally associated with tankless models...

  • Indirect-Fired Water Heater From Burnham

    Burnham. The Alliance SL indirect-fired water heater is a tank-style option for builders who want to greatly reduce standby losses. Instead of using a flue, the indirect-fired water heater utilizes the power and large heating capacity of a boiler to provide hot water. The unit also features 2 to 3...