Other stories by Rich%20Binsacca

  • Waste Heat Revolution?

    Until we can wean ourselves of coal-fired electricity, at least maybe the plants that produce it can aid in that effort.

  • Pushing Panelization

    A high-performance builder takes wall panels to the next level.

  • Simulating Occupancy

    A combination of appliances and NREL data approximate a homeowner presence in the IBACOS Lab Home.

  • Cost-Efficient GSHP?

    The IBACOS Lab Home is testing the efficiency (and viability) of an underslab loop that could make geothermal affordable.

  • Wind Power Makes Progress

    Since 2002, the number of small residential wind turbines has increased more than 10 times, and there's still plenty of opportunity.

  • Case Study: The New American Home 2012

    The New American Home 2012 achieved the highest levels of green building certification possible, providing insight into the process and by-products of submitting to such standards.

  • Carbon Reporting to Get a Boost

    Service providers are delivering a higher level of detail to enable companies to analyze and prioritize their carbon footprint and that of their supply chain.

  • A Dialogue of Discovery

    Bob Berkebile has seen the impact of climate change firsthand. In Tuscaloosa, Ala.; New Orleans; Greensburg, Kan.; and Springfield, Mass., among 10 cities severely damaged and in some cases all but wiped off the map by recent natural disasters.

  • The Growth of Green BIM

    The use of Building Information Modeling software is on the rise as an essential environmental design tool.

  • Biomimicry: Your Next Green Standard

    Design that celebrates and embraces its natural surroundings feeds a human instinct and delivers a better living environment.