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  • Peter Yost at IBS 2012

    Our topic co-chair takes the stage at IBS 2012 to discuss why bamboo and PV don’t define green building.

  • EPDs and LEED 2012

    A recent statement of consensus offers an alternative means for disclosure tools in the upcoming update to the LEED rating system.

  • Debunking Building Science Myths

    Be aware of these misconceptions about how buildings and the environment interact before you spout them as gospel.

  • Brave New World

    BuildingGreen’s Alex Wilson and Peter Yost share their wish list for the future of the building industry.

  • Research, Apply, and Refine

    Michael Dickens is a realist. It took a while, but after charging into the building realm a quarter century ago with innovative ideas borne from his European heritage and early career in the auto industry, Dickens soon came to understand one immutable truth about the American home building...

  • Fossil Fuels Still Heavily Subsidized

    Fuel industry subsidies topped $409 billion in 2010 and create the illusion of affordability.

  • Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

    The ISO standard is emerging as the best independent measure of a product’s environmental attributes including life-cycle assessment (LCA) and embodied energy.

  • Resistance is Good

    You know those TV ads that promote “clean” coal, “responsible” natural gas fracking, and “sustainable” oil drilling in the Arctic? Edward Mazria loves those ads.

  • Case Study: European Standards Drive Performance

    What European markets can teach us about low-energy, low-carbon construction.

  • Case Study: Starting Over in the Lower Ninth Ward

    The Make It Right Foundation seeks a better approach to creating sustainable neighborhoods in New Orleans.