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  • Green Building Community Mourns Loss of Architect

    Reported missing in February, green architect Greg Franta has been found dead.

  • Boulder, Colorado City Council Debates Home Size

    City planners and politicians in Boulder, Colo., are debating whether size and sustainability can live together under the same roof, and if they have their way, homeowners may soon face a limit on just how big their homes can be.

  • Green remodeling is going mainstream.

    As This Old House producer Deborah Hood says, people no longer need view green as experimental or expensive. "We're learning that green is basically just good planning and smart building." And green remodelers echo that sentiment. They're as likely to use words such as "high-performance" when...

  • Frugal House Framing

    Carpenters love wood. The smell of fresh sawdust on a crisp fall morning, the slap and ring of hammers on boards, the sturdy feel of a new house frame—what's not to love?