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    What drives green product manufacturers? In the second part of this series, we chat with Brian Cooley, director of sustainability for Huber Engineered Woods, an underwriter of our Vision 2020 program, about the company's approach to sustainability.

  • What's Driving Green Product Manufacturers?

    What drives product manufacturer who are invested in green building? We set about asking the Vision 2020 underwriters. In the first part of this new series, we chat with Martin Grohman, director of sustainability for GAF, about the roofing company's approach to sustainability.

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    The Hanley Wood Sustainability Council offers up five business opportunities and needs in high-performance design and building.

  • Can Your Buildings Surf?

    In the second half of a two-part Q&A, researcher, author, and educator Vivian Loftness asks: How many days a year can your building "surf" on the environment and going without mechanical heating or cooling?

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    Few people walk around with a light meter—but everyone should. in the first of a two-part Q&A, researcher, author, and educator Vivian Loftness looks into why design and building pros need to be more attuned to the metrics of indoor environmental quality.

  • What Are Your Materials Saying About Your Project?

    Just putting a sign on a building to signify it is green is a missed opportunity, says Blaine Brownell, ARCHITECT's resident materials columnist.

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  • Atlanta's "Snowmageddon" Highlights the Problems with Sprawl

    The answer, Aaron Betsky argues, is more than wider roads and more salt trucks. It's understanding how to work with our natural environment and build true communities, not isolated developments.

  • Meet the 2014 Hanley Wood Sustainability Council

    Continuing our Vision 2020 exploration of the critical goals and deadlines for sustainable design between now and 2020, we're proud to introduce our cross-disciplinary panel of experts who will lead us in 2014.

  • When Good Intentions Go Bad

    Wood chosen for its environmentally preferable properties is rotting in Make It Right homes in New Orleans, sparking debate about the use of new—and green—building materials.