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  • Study Names San Francisco Greenest Major City in the U.S.

    Out of 27 major U.S. and Canadian cities, San Francisco is named the leading metropolis in terms of environmental sustainability.

  • Pallas Textiles Science Matters

    Science Matters, designed by San Francisco-based designer Laura Guido Clark, draws inspiration from the juxtaposition between the geometry and linearity of biological structures in contrast to organic variations.

  • East and West Coast Markets Receive Top Marks for Green-Building Practices

    The 2011 Green Building Opportunity Index ranks the top U.S. Central Business Districts

  • House of Air

    A former biplane hangar in San Francisco is transformed into a popular trampoline facility.

  • Swords to Ploughshares

    The adaptive reuse of the Thoreau Center for Sustainability transformed a military hospital into offices for environmentally conscious nonprofit organizations.

  • Solar Buying Group Program Launched in San Jose

    Hoping to accelerate the adoption of solar energy by a wider audience, the California city launched a program that will allow businesses and governments to take advantage of "solar group buys."

  • Product Review: Daylighting & Skylights

    Light penetration deep into a home can boost comfort, livability, and energy efficiency. Here are strategies to strike the right balance.

  • Giving Green a Sporting Chance

    Two Sasaki principals discuss the process of designing collegiate sports and recreation centers to exceed LEED certification.

  • Good Eats

    A San Francisco restaurant whose motto is "organic, fresh, local" finds the same winning combination in its design.

  • The Pursuit of Excellence: The 2010 Evergreen Awards

    ECO-STRUCTURE's third annual competition seeks out outstanding environmental performance and design in four categories.