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  • Code Green

    Examining the prognosis of sustainability in healthcare through five projects.

  • Containers2Clinics Gives Containers a Second Life

    Portable medical clinics crafted from shipping containers are designed to handle their new cargo with care.

  • Healthy Choices for Hospitals

    Kathy Gerwig, vice president of workplace safety and environmental stewardship officer for Kaiser Permanente talks about how healthcare organizations are reducing their environmental footprints.

  • Green Jobs for the Next Decade

    Since sustainable agriculture requires small-scale, local, organic methods rather than petroleum-based machines and fertilizers, there is a huge need for more farmers.

  • The Hanley Award 2010 Nominees

  • Top Honors

  • 2010 Hanley Award Nominees Named

    Second annual award includes $50,000 grant.

  • Sacramento Mayor Launches Green Initiative

    May 19--Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson has jumped into the region's effort to green its economy.

  • AIA Announces 2010 COTE Award Winners

    The American Institute of Architects and its Committee on the Environment selects this year's top 10 examples of sustainable architecture and design.

  • Marriott and Starwood Expand Their LEED-Certified Portfolios

    The two large hotel chains earn individual LEED certifications for existing facilities, and Marriott commits to expanding its green portfolio.