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  • 2015 Builder Brand Use Study Highlights Energy-Efficient Brands

    The 2015 BUILDER Brand Use Study reveals which brands builders trust and use most. Here is a look at those most-recognized brands, and where sustainable products show up on the survey.

  • Renovation Motivations Point to Going Green

    A recent survey from Houzz shows generational trends that tend toward sustainable choices in design and material sourcing.

  • Four Floating Cities, the New Frontier

    Floating cities are one solution for overpopulated areas where inhabitable land is dwindling—and according to The Seasteading Institute, a floating frontier could be a reality as early 2020.

  • Solid-State Housing

    The Tiny House movement might seem like the future, but Richard Reep with New Geography argues that real innovation lies with solid-state housing.

  • Hawaii Approving Backlog of Solar Installations

    Over 3,000 solar installments are in the process of being approved all across Hawaii.

  • One Good Thing From California's Drought

    All the sunshine means less water, but also a ton of solar energy.

  • Enter in ARCHITECT's Ninth Annual R+D Awards

    Enter your innovative, ingenious, and compelling design strategies, digital tools, building products, and more in ARCHITECT's ninth annual R+D Awards program. New this year: an online submission process (finally)! Winners are published in the July issue of ARCHITECT.

  • Wind Turbines: The Future of Mixed-Use Development?

    Wind turbines have long been subject of NIMBY-ism on the count of aesthetics and noise complaints. For those who are more eco-friendly and could care less, there are the residential wind systems that promise just enough power for one acre of land, or a small business. And then there are the...

  • Old World Style, New World Comfort

    Transforming old and abandoned buildings into modern homes is no small task, but Scottish design studio WT Architecture is well-versed in restoration. In their most recent project, WT Architecture transformed the inside of an old threshing mill into a comfortable modern home.

  • Four Keys to Designing a Net-Zero Home

    Construction blogger Matt Risinger talks about high performance homes and provides his top areas of focus when designing a net-zero home.