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  • A Home Built to Blend into the Environment

    Architects in Poland are designing a forest home that will use mirrors to appropriately blend into the environment, and other technology to make sure native species are unharmed during and after construction.

  • The Wood Wars Continue

    Lack of lumber industry support from the LEED certification standard has long been a point of controversy in states where timber is a major commodity. The so-called "Wood Wars" have now turned heads in Georgia, where a bill is heading to the Governor in support of a ban on LEED certification for...

  • Green Upgrades Improve Tenant Satisfaction

    A recent study by DTZ revealed a strong correlation between buildings' sustainability certifications and tenant satisfaction. Multifamily Executive's Laura McNulty examines resident support for sustainability initiatives in offices and apartment buildings.

  • Mapping Investment in Resilient Infrastructure

    As cities grow, the biggest infrastructure erodes more quickly. While infrastructure investments are not  the most appealing or exciting work, they are critical to maintaining a city as a well-oiled machine. Big infrastructure from bridges to water treatment are stops along a pathway to more...

  • The Rise of Micro Generation

    Micro generating, or small-scale power generation for onsite use, is growing in popularity for residential development. Benefits of onsite generation include improved resilience from the presence of micro power grids, higher yield of energy from renewable sources, and reduced vampire losses from...

  • Passive Design Conquers NYC

    Passive design is taking over the Big Apple. Once a standard considered only ideal for high-end custom homes, passive design strategies are being applied to both new and existing single-family and multifamily homes across the Five Boroughs.

  • Designing Affordable and Energy-Efficient Homes

    Nearly two years after winning ARCHITECT's R+D Award, architecture professor John Quale is taking his EcoMod concept around the world. EcoMod applies energy-efficient and passive design concepts to affordable housing, weighing the costs and benefits through long-term performance monitoring. The...

  • Nine Key Steps to Build a Healthy Home

    From radon mitigation and proper ventilation to moisture control, these strategies are often overlooked in builders' battle for superior indoor air quality. Here are nine important steps to building a healthier home from Brandon Weiss, founder of Chicago-based Evolutionary Home Builders.

  • A March Madness Bracket for Architecture Buffs

    ARCHITECT has created a march madness bracket pitting 32 of the AIA's Twenty-Five Year Award winners against each other. Over 500 people voted in Round One, knocking the building pool down to 16 finalists. Join the fun and vote for Round Two finalists today!

  • A Smog Eating Bridge

    A glowing, green, clean bridge is coming to Barcelona. Seriously.