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  • The Top States for Lot Production

    Metrostudy chief economist Brad Hunter discusses second-quarter lot delivery and starts, ranking the top ten states for lot production and future inventory. The pace of lot delivery has gone up 140% in the past two years, much faster than the pace of housing production has rise.

  • Top 10 Towns for Families

    Family Circle and Onboard Informatics identify the top 10 towns for families by comparing four metrics: median income, median home price, the percentage of households with children, and GreatSchools rankings. An interactive Google Map provides a drilldown of the four metrics in each location.

  • Top States and Cities Exposed to Storm Surge Damage

    CoreLogic's 2014 Storm Surge Report estimates the number of single-family homes exposed to storm surge damage as a result of hurricanes, as well as the estimated cost of reconstruction. Our interactive map breaks out one section of the report--top states with the most homes at risk for damage.

  • Panels That Break the Mold

    HouMinn Practice creates one-off panels with minimal waste, energy, and material.

  • The Green Police Flush Out Low-Flow Toilets

    Michael Anschel, CEO of Verified Green, and Carl Seville, partner at SK Collaborative, check in at Kohler to test two low-flow toilet options.

  • Nine Award-Winning Adaptive Reuse Projects

    These stunning adaptive reuse projects received recognition in the Remodeling Design Awards.

  • Heat Mapping the World's Hottest Temperatures

    The Andrew Sykes Group, a large air conditioning firm based in the UK, has developed this interactive displaying record highs, and current temperatures from select cities across the globe. 

  • Top 10 Cities for Flood Risk from Rising Seas

    NOAA's report Sea Level Rise and Nuisance Flood Frequency Changes around the United States identifies the top 10 U.S. cities with the highest increase in nuisance flooding between 1957-1963 and 2007-2013.

  • Home Performance Upgrades Without High Prices

    For the building owner seeking to improve building performance without the up-front costs of solar or a retrofitting overhaul, weatherization is an alternative for optimizing energy efficiency.

  • A Former Meat-Processing Facility Becomes a Green Hub

    On Chicago’s southwest side, The Plant is a sustainable business incubator and collaborative research facility that’s close to achieving its net-zero energy goal.