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  • Green Chemistry Standard

    A new standard establishes criteria for comparing sustainability-related attributes of chemicals and processes.

  • Web Tool: Transparency for Building Materials

    A free online database provides insight into precautionary built environment materials.

  • Green Chemistry

    Even though you may be specifying energy-efficient polystyrene, polyisocyanurate, and polyurethane insulation for your builds, flammability codes still require the use of flame retardant (FR) chemicals.

  • Lacey Act Enforces Legal Lumber Sourcing

    Even certified lumber can be illegal. New enforcement crackdown puts emphasis on verifying lumber sources.

  • Noble Gases for High-Performance Windows

    Increased use of gases in evacuated window spaces may create supply problems, lead to next-gen solutions.

  • Toward Sustainable Materials

    In the construction world, Nadav Malin believes there are two main species—diggers and climbers. While some people enjoy scaling ladders and creating structure, Malin prefers digging in the dirt. “I found that when I was building houses, I really loved the...

  • SAVE Act Addresses Green Finance and Appraisals

    Analysis shows that legislation could increase market transformation by 2% in 2013 and create 25% sustained levels by 2020.

  • Code Compliance

    IMT estimates that every dollar spent on energy code compliance and enforcement yields $6 in energy savings.

  • Health In the Green Economy

    New study by the World Health Organization (WHO) evaluates the health impacts of climate mitigation strategies in the housing sector.

  • EPA Report Targets IEQ and Remodeling

    November 2010 study unveils voluntary protocols for reducing risks from indoor air contaminants due to energy-efficiency upgrades to residential buildings.