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  • Energy Codes Accelerate to Escape Velocity

    Builders and volunteer rating organizations are pushed to keep ahead, but questions remain on whether even this exponential race will run fast enough to meet 2030 targets.

  • Star Quality

    The latest Hanley Award winner has made his mark on home building by improving our understanding of what we do and changing how we do it.

  • People to People

    The heart of architecture is connecting people.

  • Writing a New Narrative

    Homeownership remains a central plot line.

  • Design Connects

    The discussion of the power of architecture to unite communities continues at the AIA's 2012 National Convention. Here are some events of note.

  • Community Organizers

    Some thoughts on how our industry addresses the social responsibility leg of sustainability's three-legged stool.

  • Help Is On the Way

    IgCC is rolling out and it's going to change the way you work.

  • Incorporating Solar Panels into Architecture Plans

    Two solar-rights attorneys explain how understanding solar rights may advance a project.

  • Sustainability is Elementary

    HMC Architects' director of sustainable design teamed with a local elementary school to build early awareness of energy, waste, and water issues.

  • Power Play

    Skate where the puck is going to be.