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  • Product Review: Exterior Cladding

    When it comes to selecting siding, there are lots of options--and no silver bullet. Here's what attributes to look for.

  • Medium-Density Spray-Foam Insulation From BASF

    BASF. Comfort Foam and Spraytite medium-density, closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulations provide an R-value of 6.7 per inch and 6.6 per inch, respectively, and meet FEMA guidelines as suitable insulation materials for flood regions. Also in the companys portfolio is Enertite, a low-density...

  • Coming Soon: National Gypsum's Phase-Changing Drywall

    ThermalCore panels moderate interior temperature fluctuations and act as a thermal mass.

  • SIPs Provide Efficient, Fast Building Alternative

    Though they still make up a small share of the market, structural insulated panels provide an alternative to stick-building that's efficient during and after construction.

  • New & Notable Green Building Products

    A selection of sustainable products, including ventilation fans, thin-film solar roofing, low-flow faucets, and energy monitoring.

  • Vail Titan Select Roof Shingles by Custom-Bilt Metals

    With solid 26-gauge Galvalume construction and an interlocking tab design that aligns panels and creates a waterproof channel, Vail Titan Select shingles stand up to harsh weather, the company says. The Cool Roof Reflective Paint System, which features BASF and Kynar 500 reflective pigmentation...

  • Energy Efficient Insulation

    As a primary energy-saving product in the home, insulation is inherently