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  • GE Hybrid Water Heater

    GE’s hybrid water heater consumes up to 62 percent less energy than a standard electric water heater.

  • The Week in Green: August 21-27

    A roundup of green building news including GE’s smart homes research and the upcoming release of the FTC’s revised Green Guides.

  • Auto-Adjusting Washer and Dryer From GE

    GE. Profile series SmartDispense full-size washers and dryers achieve an MEF rating of 2.23 and a WF of 4.0 (24% and 87.5% better than 2009 thresholds, respectively) and feature steam technology. The 4.2-cubic-foot-capacity, stainless steel–tub washer automatically senses the load and adjusts the...

  • Product Review: Clothes Washers

    Special cycles, smart sensors, and new designs help the latest crop of washers save more energy and water than ever before.

  • GE Testing Smart Grid-Enabled Appliances

    Kitchen and laundry equipment will communicate between the utility and the homeowner to ensure appliances are operating at the optimum time of day.

  • The Week in Green: Dec. 12-18

    A roundup of green building news, including GE’s new smart grid-enabled laundry appliances and Obama’s ‘Cash for Caulkers’ program.

  • Case Study: Pardee Homes' Manzanita Trail in San Diego Demonstrates Attainability of Green Production Housing

    Through its LivingSmart green-building standard, Pardee balances the cost and schedule considerations of production building with features that save energy, conserve resources, and promote health.

  • Rainwater System Wins Award

    Grove Farm Co. Inc., Lihue, Hawaii, which enhances its land and water resources for the 40,000 acres (16188 hectares) it owns, won a Fairfield, Conn.-based GE ecomagination Leadership Award for its solution that provides a sustainable water resource for as many as 15,000 residents and visitors on...

  • GE Seeks EPA Approval for Green Refrigerant

    Technology widely used in refrigerators abroad is said to help lower greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Supply Side: A Window into Walls and Wires

    The GE Dashboard in ICI Homes' Emerald model looks anything but special. Hanging on the wall just off the kitchen–with a screen about the size of a portable DVD player–it looks more like a fancy thermostat than a rare amenity.