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  • Solar Community

    Southern Nevada has an abundance of sun, and Concordia Homes is looking to soak it up. Last week, the Henderson, Nev.-based builder unveiled three model homes in Sommerset, a 48-home development that is poised to become the first solar-powered residential community in the state. It will also stand...

  • GE Focuses on "Green"

    When one thinks about light, or dish washing, or refrigeration, or electricity for that matter, the name GE is likely to come to mind, particularly if one is a big builder, a majority of whom use GE appliances in their new homes. But the company that is known for bringing good things to life is not...

  • GE Ecomagination Homebuilder Program

    In May, GE and Masco Contractor Services' (MCS) Environments for Living launched the Ecomagination Homebuilder Program, designed to help residential developers and builders design more energy-efficient homes.

  • Dishwashers combine energy efficiency, water conservation, and premium cleaning

    With a range of options for Energy Star–rated appliances, recycled content, and low-VOC finishes, the kitchen is one of the easiest places to go green. And you can bet it’s the most noticeable. One place to start is with one of the most visible energy hogs in the room: Cycle by cycle, the...

  • Beazer Homes Commits to Green Building Standards

    eSMART Homes program becomes standard nationwide.