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  • Grand Award: Truro Residence, Truro, Mass.

    Spatial separation and flexible mechanical zoning help balance seasonal occupancy swings in this custom home overlooking Cape Cod Bay.

  • Central Online Management Portal by GridPoint

    GridPoint Central is an online energy management portal that gives homeowners detailed information and control over their energy consumption and costs. By comparing a utility rate schedule against a customer’s energy consumption patterns, the system can recommend the most cost-effective time to run...

  • Integrated PV Energy Control and Management System by GridPoint

    The advent of photovoltaic solar electric systems that connect and interact with grid power has opened up new categories of products to monitor, distribute, store, and control electrical supply and demand to and from solar-powered homes. Load centers, inverters, and distribution panels combine to...

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    Staff picks for the year's most innovative green building products.

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    These Green Technologies Deliver a Variety of Benefits