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  • Case Study: Modern Townhomes Bring Sustainability to Urban Indianapolis

    Redevelopment Group's six row-style condos boast efficiency, healthy indoor air, and skyline views.

  • Product Review: Heat-Recovery Ventilators & Energy-Recovery Ventilators

    Starting in 2011, all new homes built to comply with the federal Energy Star Qualified Homes standard—perhaps 200,000 units if the NAHB’s forecast for that year holds true—will be required to provide an adequate amount of controlled, fresh-air ventilation as part of a comprehensive energy...

  • Prestige Programmable Thermostat From Honeywell

    A high-definition, full-color touchscreen on the Prestige programmable thermostat provides an easy-to-use graphic interface for homeowners. Built-in wireless technology allows the thermostat to communicate with other Honeywell RedLink wireless devices, such as the Portable Comfort Control, a...

  • New & Notable Green Building Products

    A selection of sustainable products, including ventilation fans, thin-film solar roofing, low-flow faucets, and energy monitoring.

  • Internet Communications Module by In2 Networks

    Operating in conjunction with Honeywell’s thermostats and other products, the Internet Communications Module connects building systems, like thermostats and water and irrigation systems, to the Internet, letting the units function as a broader, integrated system that logs data, performs diagnostics...

  • New Programmable Thermostats Make it Easy to Save

    Baltimore Sun columnist Kevin Cowherd spoke for a lot of people when he wrote of his newly installed programmable thermostat: "We're afraid to touch [it]." His rant came shortly after he replaced his old mercury-filled manual unit, which had three settings -- heat, cool, and off -- and that he...

  • Beazer Homes Commits to Green Building Standards

    eSMART Homes program becomes standard nationwide.

  • New Honeywell system helps builders sell indoor air quality more effectively

    Builders always wanted to sell indoor air quality (IAQ) systems, but in the past, adding a humidifier, dehumidifier, and ventilator to an HVAC system meant the installer had to hang four devices and run more than a dozen wires through the walls. Nowadays Honeywell's VisionPro IAQ lets builders hang...

  • Blown-in-Place polyurethane foams

  • Blown-in-Place polyurethane foams

    What are the pros and cons of open-cell and closed-cell foam insulations? And where are the best places to use each?