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  • Fiber Optic Skylight From HUVCO Daylighting Solutions

    The Fiber Optic Skylight by HUVCO Daylighting Solutions comprises an exterior mounted panel containing 64 computer-controlled lenses that focus sunlight into optical fibers.

  • Parans Fiber Optic Skylight by Huvco

    A new way to bring natural light into interior spaces, Huvco’s Parans Fiber Optic Skylight system collects sunlight through lenses on outdoor panels (shown), then funnels the light through optical cables to luminaires. The system’s daylight collectors mount on roofs or façades. The thin, flexible...

  • Fiber-Optic Skylight System by Huvco

    Anything that makes it easier for pros to incorporate natural light—a key component to any green home—gets our attention. Huvco’s fiber-optic system takes daylight to the darkest of places, illuminating interior rooms, closets, and bathrooms. Optical lenses on exterior-mounted solar panels capture...