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  • NAHB Lays Out Details for Green Building Program

    Voluntary. Flexible. Market driven. National. That's how the National Association of Home Builders touted the launch of its trademarked National Green Building Program during the International Builders' Show in Orlando, Fla., on Thursday. That launch includes a new Web site that builders can...

  • Greater Dallas Green Built Parade of Homes Showcases Sustainable Building

    When builder Mike Scarlett signed on to participate in the HBA of Greater Dallas Green Built Parade of Homes, which debuted in September, he had never so much as built an Energy Star house. But he rose to the challenge, hiring a consultant to help him decode such eco-measures as spray-foam...

  • NAHB, USGBC Launch National Green Building Programs

    Nearly 90 regional and local green building programs across the U.S. have been leading their markets into green building for years, but many believe it will take a national initiative to establish construction and performance standards to move green building solidly into the mainstream. That...

  • NAHB Research Center Names EnergyValue Housing Award Winners

    Thirteen of the nation's greenest builders now have the hardware to prove it. On Feb. 13, the NAHB Research Center announced the 13th annual EnergyValue Housing Awards (EVHA) at an evening reception during the International Builders' Show. The big winners of the night were Aspen Homes of Colorado...

  • Setting Standards for Green Building

    What's green? With no national green building standards to consult, and interpretations as varied as one might expect in an industry as geographically and otherwise diverse as construction, that's a question many remodelers have been asking as interest in all things green has soared.

  • McElroy Custom Homes Builds Houses with Tight Envelopes, Healthy Indoor Air

    Most builders know by now that as homes have gotten tighter, indoor air quality has declined. Brian McElroy is proving you can have it both ways.

  • Beazer Homes Commits to Green Building Standards

    eSMART Homes program becomes standard nationwide.

  • Energy efficiency as a marketing hook

    The home building industry is finally embracing energy efficiency, if February's International Builders' Show (IBS) in Orlando, Fla., was any indication. It sometimes seemed like every manufacturer among the convention's 1,900 exhibitors was touting the energy-saving properties of its products...

  • Green Building Conference

    The 2005 Green Building Conference showcased the many faces—and dispelled many of the myths—of sustainable building.

  • Green Building Goes Mainstream

    Green building has gone mainstream, providing dealers with abundant and profitable opportunities to educate, serve, and sell to pros.