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  • The Vision 2020 Team

    We want to extend our appreciation to the following people and organizations for their support and guidance in this year’s research

  • Regenerative Housing by 2020

    Regenerative Design chair Bob Berkebile looks at how new directions in design are taking their cues from the past and leading us toward nurturing buildings, homes, and communities connected with nature.

  • USGBC Fact Checks USA Today

    In round four of the back and forth between USA Today and the USGBC over the on-going series on the green-building organization and LEED, USGBC vice president of LEED technical development Brendan Owens weighs in.

  • Is LEED Manipulated by Business Interests?

    USA Today's series examining the USGBC and LEED continues with a focus on the relationship between the organzation, LEED development, and the building industry.

  • USGBC: LEED Isn't Perfect, But Is Improving

    The USGBC repsponds to USA Today's article critiquing LEED, asserting that "LEED isn't perfect, but it is always improving" and "the costs of individual LEED credits are irrelevant because the market learns to deliver green buildings at little to no added cost."

  • Does LEED Reward Minor Steps With Little Environmental Benefit?

    USA Today asserts that the green-building rating system wins tax breaks and grants, higher rents, and expedited permitting for low-cost, minor steps that have little or no proven environmental benefit.

  • Kansas Project Relies on Solar and Geothermal Energy for Nearly Net Zero Living

    Modern LEED-Platinum home is sealed tight but open to fresh air and sunshine.

  • The 2012 Evergreen Awards: Mary Ann Lazarus

    We chat with Lazarus, the winner of our 2012 Evergreen Awards Perspective category and HOK's director of sustainable design, about performance-based design, biomimicry, health, and more.

  • Time to Speak Up

    We have many ways to make our voices heard, and now is the time to find your platform.

  • 2012 Class of LEED Fellows Named

    Now in its second year, the LEED Fellows Program announced this year’s winners.