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  • Light Fantastic

    LED (light-emitting diode) lamps are starting to come on strong as a comparably efficient, long-lasting alternative to the current green leader, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), but without the mercury and subsequent disposal issues. And while some inherent challenges with color, heat, and...

  • Coming Soon: Modec Zero-Emissions Work Truck

    Don’t let the futuristic exterior fool you: The Modec electric work truck offers the performance pros need in a commercial hauler—just not the same atmosphere-clogging pollution.

  • Green R&D: Smart City

    Regional utility company Xcel Energy chose Boulder, Colo., as its first Smart Grid City. This makes the town a test bed for an innovative energy management pilot program that will help Xcel increase its electrical distribution efficiencies and provide customers unprecedented home-energy management...

  • Green R&D: Hunter Douglas Warm Light Wall

    Installed on the MIT competition house during October’s Solar Decathlon in Washington, D.C., Hunter Douglas’ Warm Light Wall System was as eye-catching as it was functional. Based on a Trombe wall, Warm Light passive solar heating technology is made up of acrylic building blocks with aerogel...

  • Water Conservation Plays Key Green Role in New Mexico Condominiums

    In the dry climate of New Mexico, water conservation takes center stage in any discussion of green building. Bill Roth, president of Clear Creek Management Corp., is showing that efficient practices needn’t require special training or special orders.

  • NAHB, USGBC Launch National Green Building Programs

    Nearly 90 regional and local green building programs across the U.S. have been leading their markets into green building for years, but many believe it will take a national initiative to establish construction and performance standards to move green building solidly into the mainstream. That...

  • Research Reveals Green Habits of Builders, Remodelers, and Architects

    In a recent survey of builders, remodelers, and architects conducted by Green Products and Technology editors and independent research firm Specpan, 58% of the 655 respondents are involved in or have been involved in green building, remodeling, or design.

  • McElroy Custom Homes Builds Houses with Tight Envelopes, Healthy Indoor Air

    Most builders know by now that as homes have gotten tighter, indoor air quality has declined. Brian McElroy is proving you can have it both ways.

  • Beazer Homes Commits to Green Building Standards

    eSMART Homes program becomes standard nationwide.