More stories about Flashback

  • Green Catalyst

    A 2003 AIA COTE Top Ten project, the Chicago Center for Green Technology may have helped kick-start the city's green-building boom.

  • A World of Firsts

    At PNC Firstside Center, the first LEED-certified building for PNC Bank and Astorino, green isn't just the color of money.

  • Swords to Ploughshares

    The adaptive reuse of the Thoreau Center for Sustainability transformed a military hospital into offices for environmentally conscious nonprofit organizations.

  • Life as a Tree

    Ten years later, the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies at Oberlin College continues to evolve, which is exactly what its designers intended.

  • Bridge of Possibilities

    Through its design and modified operations and maintenance practices, the William J. Clinton Presidential Center & Park achieved LEED certification twice.

  • Extra Credit On The Roof

    When a green roof fails to perform, a school starts over with a new, more appropriate, design.

  • A Breakthrough Study in Sustainability

    Genzyme Center's passive and sophisticated solutions remain a demonstration of green building practices.

  • Natural Centerpiece

    What once was on site is restored at the Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center.

  • An Environmental Center Exceeds Expectations

    The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center Continues to Optimize its Performance While Drawing Crowds and Educating its Community.

  • Work in Progress

    At Seattle's Pier 56, Mithun set about instilling a sense of place while creating a sustainable future. Ten years after move-in day, the office continues to act as a living laboratory.