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  • Perspective: Charles Rose Architects

    "Our primary concern is reduction of the carbon footprint."

  • Perspective: Vocon

    "We work with our clients to not only create sustainable spaces that work for them on a functional level, but inspire them as well."

  • Perspective: Cannon Design

    "A race to gain an innovative certification, win awards, or other friendly competition among professionals is tremendously effective in moving the field along."

  • Perspective: Kaplan Thompson Architects

    "We are so eco-conscious that we only have one fork in the office. His name is Frank."

  • Major League Green

    Allen Hershkowitz, senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, talks about the greening of professional sports.

  • Lessons in High Performance

    Bill Orr, executive director of the Collaborative for High-Performance Schools, talks about upgrading the sustainability of today's learning environments.

  • Healthy Choices for Hospitals

    Kathy Gerwig, vice president of workplace safety and environmental stewardship officer for Kaiser Permanente talks about how healthcare organizations are reducing their environmental footprints.

  • Taking the Lead In Government Relationships

    Lucia Athens, former manager of the City of Seattle Green Building Program, explains how architects and designers can foster relationships with their local governments to promote sustainable building.

  • Sustainability is a Golden Ticket in Las Vegas

    CityCenter is turning the desert playground of Las Vegas into a city of gold—LEED Gold.

  • We Can Live With Calgreen

    The New State Building Code is Not an Insurmountable Barrier—Nor a Panacea