More stories about Projects

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: DesertSol

    Team UNLV's DesertSol house responds to the Mojave Desert climate by capitalizing on solar energy and responsible water use.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Delta T-90

    Norwich University faces the challenge of extreme seasonal weather variations in New England by presenting its Delta T-90 house, which aims to provide a low-cost, modular home that responds to these conditions.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: DALE

    Team SCI-Arc/Caltech's bifurcated house on rails slides together and apart to provide a variety of living and environmental conditions.

  • VIDEO: What We Learned from Our COTE Top Ten Project

    In this session from Architect Live at the AIA National Convention in Denver, two designers behind the COTE Top Ten project the New Norris House chat about the home, how it was designed, and the lessons they learned from the project.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Chameleon House

    Missouri S&T Solar House Team allows for adaptability in spatial configuration and environment, through automated systems, in its Chameleon House.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Canopy House

    Team Tidewater Virginia's Canopy House combines passive ventilation strategies with accessible features that promote sustainable living spaces for all people.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: Borealis

    Team Alberta focuses on providing comfortable and efficient housing for remote working populations.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: AIR House

    CTU Team's AIR House focuses on having a minimal environmental impact over its whole life cycle, from construction to eventual demolition.

  • Solar Decathlon Preview: ADAPT

    Team Texas gives a net-zero energy home a desert feel with local materials and El Paso aesthetics.

  • Utah’s Zero Home Has Noteworthy Numbers

    The net-zero home aims for affordability and efficiency, with a HERS score of zero. It is the first to receive U.S. Department of Energy Challenge Home certification in the state.