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    For the building owner seeking to improve building performance without the up-front costs of solar or a retrofitting overhaul, weatherization is an alternative for optimizing energy efficiency.

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    The Hanley Wood Sustainability Council offers up five business opportunities and needs in high-performance design and building.

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    We're making some big changes to the print edition of ECOHOME and this is why they're a good thing for you.

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    A personal lesson on the value of good indoor environmental quality goes a long way.

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    Climate change and green building finally took the spotlight at the end of 2012, but how do we keep it in mainstream sights?

  • Time to Speak Up

    We have many ways to make our voices heard, and now is the time to find your platform.

  • Making It Right and Making it Affordable

    High-performance buildings should not be seen as too complicated, too expensive, or simply as a one-off effort in a big-name firm's portfolio.

  • Danish Influence

    Denmark has announced aggressive and inspirational goals regarding its energy consumption and generation. Will it have a positive ripple effect?

  • Design Connects

    The discussion of the power of architecture to unite communities continues at the AIA's 2012 National Convention. Here are some events of note.

  • Community Organizers

    Some thoughts on how our industry addresses the social responsibility leg of sustainability's three-legged stool.