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  • Green Building Tips and Trends

    Every year the conversation about going green advances and green home building programs spread throughout the country. In the 2006 PROSALES 100 alone, 50% of dealers indicated they promote or sell green building products.

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    Carpenters love wood. The smell of fresh sawdust on a crisp fall morning, the slap and ring of hammers on boards, the sturdy feel of a new house frame—what's not to love?

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    From products to techniques, green building proliferates in the remodeling industry. Here's how savvy businesses sell the concept.

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    Washington, D.C., is known more for filibusters and less for innovative design. For one rain-soaked week last fall, however, innovation was the theme when 18 university teams converged on the city for the Solar Decathlon, a biennial event in which students compete to see who can design, build, and...

  • Sustainable Building

    Thousands of builders have adopted at least some of the tenets and products of sustainable building, raising the bar on energy efficiency -- and often improving the overall quality of construction as a result.

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    Research house may offer realistic applications for green practices.