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  • Reverse Engineering

    Modeling future scenarios in an ongoing energy crisis.

  • New Research May Lead to Changes for Residential Lighting

    Scientists study new data on the influence of modern, artificially lit environments on human biology and behavior.

  • Case Study: Prefab House Doesn't Skimp on Style or Sustainability

    Connecticut timber-frame dwelling shows that prefab construction can offer all of the design flexibility of a site-built custom home.

  • 2011 Evergreen Awards Ecommercial New Construction Winner

    Kroon Hall, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies at Yale University, by Centerbrook Architects and Planners and Hopkins Architects.

  • EPA Issues Fines for Lead Rule Violations

    Window World of St. Louis agreed to pay a $19,529 civil penalty for failing to provide information--i.e., the agency's "Renovate Right" brochure--to "at least 20" owners and residents of properties built before 1978.

  • Seven principles of green building

    The first time I remember hearing about green building was in the early-'70s, when a perfect blend of hippie culture and rising oil costs resulted in, among other things, houses called "earth ships" that incorporated wall systems made from old tires filled with dirt. But also, through some hits and...

  • Lighting energy consumption

    These days, there is an increasing emphasis on making everything we do sustainable. Competition in the marketplace has taken us well beyond LEED, and in order to be “greener” than one's rivals, it helps to be able to embrace as many life cycle and environmental issues as one can. Architect William...

  • Low-VOC paints hit the mainstream market.

    Whether you're interested in working in a more environmentally friendly way or not, soon the interior paint you use–no matter where you live–may be a greener product. That's already true for a chunk of California and a large part of the Northeast, where stringent regulations over the last few years...