More stories about ILLINOIS

  • The Evelyn Pease Tyner Interpretive Center / Glenview, Ill.

    Set amidst Air Station Prairie, a 32 1/2-acre (13-hectare) remnant of tall-grass prairie north of Chicago, the 3,000-square-foot (279-m2) center educates visitors about the history and ecology of the Illinois prairie ecosystem while serving as a showcase for cutting-edge technology and techniques...

  • Pacific Garden Mission / Chicago

    As part of the largest continuously operating homeless shelter in the U.S., the 16,000-square-foot (1486-m2) green-roof system incorporates a solar-reflective membrane and vegetated grids.

  • Albany Park Middle School / Chicago

    A 4,000-square-foot (372-m2) green roof covers a portion of the nearly 43,000-square-foot (3995-m2) roof over the school.

  • Materials Reuse

    On a pleasant day in one of Chicago’s suburbs, a deconstruction contractor and his crew remove an original, custom-made window for salvage from a 1923 home.

  • Hot Ideas For a Cooler Planet

    Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet was an artistic showcase of 126 globes in Chicago that depicted different ways to combat global warming.

  • Vegetated Roofing Projects Across the Country

    Vegetated roofing is experiencing a growth spurt across the U.S. Projects have been appearing on federal buildings in the nation’s capitol; on commercial projects as far west as California; and on various buildings in our nation’s heartland, where Chicago boasts the largest area of vegetated...

  • Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Educates Building Professionals

    Steven W. Peck, founder and president of Toronto-based nonprofit association Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, shares his thoughts about the benefits of vegetated roofs.

  • Fast-food Chains Serve Up Sustainable Restaurants

    With locations across the U.S., fast-food restaurants have great potential to create positive environmental impacts as they enter the green-building arena.

  • Hybrid-ventilation System's Performance Analyzed

    Judson University, Elgin, Ill., underwent a post-occupancy review to determine whether the hybrid-ventilation-system design is effective.

  • Record Company Owners Create a Unique Live/Work Space

    A 120-year-old brick structure underwent a complete rehabilitation, incorporating clever resource-conservation strategies and setting some precedents along the way.