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  • A Job-Site Trailer Receives Green Makeover

    An eco-friendly makeover will ensure the Green Trailer consumes a fraction of the energy of a typical construction-site trailer while providing a more pleasant user experience.

  • A Kansas Town Rebuilds Green After Disaster

    Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and several others saw a rare opportunity for Greensburg to rise from the rubble as the greenest town in America.

  • Sustainable Courthouse Welcomes Community

    The Wayne L. Morse United States Courthouse not only stands as an artistic expression for future generations, it also considers those generations by exemplifying the definition of sustainability.

  • Architecture Students Design Award Winning House

    2008 Evergreen Awards Honorable Mention. Architecture students at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, are granted an opportunity given to few other architecture students in the country.

  • Greensburg, Kansas

    As Daniel Wallach lay in bed the night after a devastating EF5 tornado razed the southwest Kansas city of Greensburg, he felt fortunate–the twister missed his Stafford County home 35 miles northeast of Greensburg by 2 miles. It would have been easy for Wallach to just be grateful he didn’t lose his...