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  • Mountain Home Provides Green Installation

    Oregon’s Hood River Valley offers year-round recreational opportunities with skiing on Mt. Hood, hiking through forest lands and fishing in clear waters. Outside of Parkdale, Tom Kelly and his wife Barbara Woodford found a spot amidst this rugged setting to build a mountain home.

  • Evaluation Targets Occupant Comfort

    The post-occupancy evaluation of a mixed-use residence hall in Portland, Ore., accounts for occupant experience and building performance.

  • The Week in Green Building

    A roundup of green building news for the week of Dec. 8-12, including Barack Obama’s new environmental team, a fight against “mansionization,” and the challenges of Oregon’s first LEED platinum home.

  • The Week in Green: October 27-31

    A roundup of green building news, including energy-saving landscaping and Oregon’s ambitious climate change plan.

  • The Week in Green: March 24-28

    A roundup of green building news for the week of March 24-28, including the completion of the nation’s first LEED-certified ballpark; green education in Greensburg, Kan.; a multi-use building in Oregon constructed with 80% recycled materials; and Chula Vista, Calif., considers mandatory green...