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  • Commercial Facility Uses LEDs

    Sentry Equipment Corp., Oconomowoc, Wis., has drastically reduced its energy consumption by installing LEDs in its new headquarters.

  • Certification Exams Comply with Standards

    THE AMERICAN INDOOR AIR QUALITY COUNCIL, Glendale, Ariz., announced its certification exams comply with the consensus standards published by the Washington, D.C.-based American Educational Research Association, Washington-based American Psychological Association and Madison, Wis.-based National...

  • Aldo Leopold Foundation Wins FSC Award

    THE FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL-US , Washington, D.C., awarded its third annual Designing & Building with FSC Award to the Baraboo, Wis.-based Aldo Leopold Foundation for the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center headquarters building.

  • Home Depot Foundation Award Winner, Homeownership Project

    Featuring a working farm, gardens, and green-built mixed-income housing, Troy Gardens in Madison, Wis., creates a true sense of community.

  • Green Remodeling Case Studies

    Case studies from Wisconsin and California showcase the many ways eco-friendly products and processes can make all the difference in existing homes

  • Finding Information on Green Resources

    Andrew Pace, owner of Safe Building Solutions in Waukesha, Wis., is no stranger to supplying environmentally friendly building materials. In 1993, long before today's green blitz started, Pace began looking for materials that would be healthier to work and live with. Today, one-unit SBS supplies...

  • Alternative Fuels

    After researching alternative fuels, Craig Kersemeier, president of K-tech Kleening, in Schofield, Wis., chose to switch from diesel to soy-based diesel. He chose this fuel because it does not require any engine conversions.

  • Frugal House Framing

    Carpenters love wood. The smell of fresh sawdust on a crisp fall morning, the slap and ring of hammers on boards, the sturdy feel of a new house frame—what's not to love?