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  • Big Home, Small Impact

    The saying says "size matters," but when it comes to energy efficiency, bigger homes can be efficient too!

  • Phrase of the Future: Zero Net Energy

    Buildings are getting greener and smarter, with some that consume only as much energy as they produce.

  • Sustainable on the Inside, Sustainable on the Outside

    Built in a forest in Romania, the Passive House Che is an attractive house built with energy efficiency in mind.

  • The Top 10 Big Cities to Buy New

    Builder uses new and existing homebuyers data from Metrostudy to pull the median closing price for both new and existing homes, as well as the average household income of new and existing buyers to re-rank NerdWallet's "top 10 big cities" based on new homeownership.

  • An Overview of Metrostudy's Annual Housing Study

    Metrostudy has just completed its latest study, covering homebuilder projects all around the nation.  The research company’s team of 400 researchers drives more than 200,000 miles per quarter visiting and collecting data through direct counts.  Within Metrostudy’s national footprint, housing starts...

  • You Say Tomato, Izmade Says Lampshade

    Italian studio design collective Izmade is dedicated to making sustainable home furnishings and decor from recycled and locally-sourced materials. Their latest project, a lamp made from recycled tomato sauce cans, is a great example of green design and an excuse to eat more pizza.

  • Infographic Outlines Why Green Building is Smart Building

    Why build green? This infographic from Green Building Canada simply explains many of the benefits.

  • 9 Examples of Pro-Sports Teams Going Green

    Now that the East meets West battle between the Patriots and Seahawks is over, here is what some other teams are up to. Aside from games, franchises across the country are winning in sustainable ways.

  • For Passive Design in a Humid Climate, Try Concrete

    In the wet climate of British Columbia, wood-frame homes will need regular renovation, which is why well-insulated concrete was perfect for Damon Gray. The result is a 3,000 square foot house that will cost nothing to run.

  • Industry Group WoodWorks Honors 16 Projects Framed by Timber

    An initiative of the Wood Products Council, the group's 2015 awards recognize industrial, institutional, multifamily, and commercial projects that use wood for its structural, acoustic, and design potential.