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  • Wind Turbines: The Future of Mixed-Use Development?

    Wind turbines have long been subject of NIMBY-ism on the count of aesthetics and noise complaints. For those who are more eco-friendly and could care less, there are the residential wind systems that promise just enough power for one acre of land, or a small business. And then there are the...

  • Old World Style, New World Comfort

    Transforming old and abandoned buildings into modern homes is no small task, but Scottish design studio WT Architecture is well-versed in restoration. In their most recent project, WT Architecture transformed the inside of an old threshing mill into a comfortable modern home.

  • Four Keys to Designing a Net-Zero Home

    Construction blogger Matt Risinger talks about high performance homes and provides his top areas of focus when designing a net-zero home.

  • The Quietest Passive House

    The Passive House craze is fueled by a drive for energy-efficiency, but there are other, hidden benefits.

  • 7 Indoor Plants that Purify Air

    Biophilic design at its most basic level studies how adding plants to indoor environments improves the well-being of building inhabitants,be it a restaurant, office, or residential home. Plants also improve indoor air quality—here are seven prime candidates to choose from.

  • Prefab Shipping Container Homes Made to Order

    Montainer, a Montana-based shipping container home company, is constructing prefabricated, modular homes that take less than a day to construct and have a price tag under $100,000. Montainer's first model is the Nomad 192, is made from recycled containers, and includes sustainable features that...

  • Leonardo DiCaprio Builds Eco-Resort in Belize

    Several years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio purchased a small island in Belize. He now plans to build an eco-resort and sustainable residential homes on the island with Living Building Challenge founder Jason F. McLennan as the lead architect. The resort is poised to be a model for eco-tourism with a...

  • A Home Built to Blend into the Environment

    Architects in Poland are designing a forest home that will use mirrors to appropriately blend into the environment, and other technology to make sure native species are unharmed during and after construction.

  • The Wood Wars Continue

    Lack of lumber industry support from the LEED certification standard has long been a point of controversy in states where timber is a major commodity. The so-called "Wood Wars" have now turned heads in Georgia, where a bill is heading to the Governor in support of a ban on LEED certification for...

  • Green Upgrades Improve Tenant Satisfaction

    A recent study by DTZ revealed a strong correlation between buildings' sustainability certifications and tenant satisfaction. Multifamily Executive's Laura McNulty examines resident support for sustainability initiatives in offices and apartment buildings.